About “The Community”

1920’s home at 13th and Balaclava, before
1920's home (1 of 3 matching houses in a row) at 13th & Balaclava after
1920’s home (1 of 3 matching houses in a row) at 13th & Balaclava, after

Community is a group of Vancouver urban activists dedicated to protecting residential neighbourhoods from misguided urban renewal policies and predation by developers. For many decades, development interests have persistently lobbied to convince successive City administrations to upzone residential neighbourhoods for intensive development.  This pressure has increased in recent years as the housing bubble has created massive wealth for developers, giving them excessive power to influence decision-makers and the media.  An example of this was the full-page infomercial for development in The Sun with a 6″ headline that there was $163 billion in development profits to be made in Vancouver’s residential neighbourhoods.

Destruction of older more affordable homes & apartments in Vancouver & their replacement with new dwellings costing 2x as much is the driver of gentrification in Vancouver and the root of its housing bubble. Yet development interests have managed to convince the current Vision-dominated City Council to approve policies & programs that allow residential zones to be rezoned for townhouses and condos. Community will be using this website to present information that counters the relentless propaganda offered in the media to support rampant development. The issues we will be addressing will change with whatever attack the City and development interests have sprung on us. The first focus will be on the latest ploy to upzone residential areas for intensive development, called the the Interim Rezoning Policy (IRP) and it’s offshoot, the Affordable Home Ownership Policy (AHO) (see blog post).