The Affordable Home Ownership (AHO) Policy & Program

If you care about the character and livability of your residential neighbourhood, please sign this petition:

As described in the pages, Effects & Effectiveness of the Affordable Home Ownership Policy and Background Information on the Interim Rezoning & Affordable Home Ownership Policies the City’s Affordable Home Ownership (AHO) Policy & Program will not be affordable for those it claims to target. We urge residents who care about their neighbourhoods to let City Council know that residents of affected zones will not passively allow their neighbourhoods to be degraded when the results will enrich developers not those who need it most. If you are concerned about this top-down initiative developed with NO community input, please do the following:

  1. Sign the petition, and if you have already signed, please pass the link on to people you know who live in residential neighbourhoods ;
  2. Email Vancouver Mayor & Council to express your opposition. Below is a sample letter, followed by the email addresses of the Mayor & each of the Councillors. You can write one letter to mayor&council which will (hopefully) be sent to all Councillors, or you can write individual emails to each one, which is considered more effective.


Re: Interim Re-zoning Policy (IRP) and Affordable Home Ownership Policy.

I am strongly opposed to new policies approved by Vancouver City Council that will destroy the character and livability of my neighbourhood. I demand that City Council rescind approval of the Interim Re-zoning Policy and the Affordable Home Ownership Policy. These policies should be withdrawn because they:

  •  would provide housing at 20% below the market rate, but as real estate prices are going up at over 25 -30% a year, any discount would be neutralized. Prices for new ground-oriented dwellings will be out of reach for any but upper-income groups and will not help those most in need,
  • were sprung on residents with no prior notice or public consultation. This is in contradiction to good planning practice and the city’s promise to create a more collaborative relationship with neighbourhoods,
  • would encourage an increase in the already unsustainable destruction of heritage and character homes in our neighbourhood. This conflicts with the Character House Zoning Review that is currently in process. Increased destruction of older homes and construction of new dwellings will further reduce livability and drive out long-term residents.
  • would destroy affordable secondary suite rentals in older homes in a city with a 0% vacancy rent and a rental affordability crisis. Removing affordable rental stock in favour of well-to-do new buyers is wrong.

In summary, it appears that these policies are a response to intense & prolonged pressure from development interests to open up residential neighbourhoods for highly profitable development. While my community and others like mine will pay the costs, developers will reap the profits and lack of affordability will remain unchanged or get worse.

Yours truly,


Email addresses:

Gregor Robertson: , Raymond Louie ; , Adriane Carr: , , Elizabeth Ball: , Kerry Jang , Heather Deal: , Geoff Meggs: , Mayor and Council: , Melissa De Genova: , George Affleck: , Andrea Reimer: , Tim Stevenson: